The company is a joint-stock enterprise engaged in real estate development and management. It is a new listed company after zhongyin Group reorganized the former Hubei Tianhua Co., Ltd. and injected high-quality assets. Founded in December 2006, Wentai Technology is mainly engaged in r&d and manufacturing of mobile terminals, intelligent hardware and other products. Business model for the global mainstream brands to provide mobile terminal, intelligent hardware, virtual reality and Internet of vehicles and other product research and development design and manufacturing services, including new product development, ID design, structure design, hardware development, software development, manufacturing, supply chain management.


Founded in Jiaxing in 2006, Wentai started to provide mobile phone design services for Chinese brands such as Huawei.

In 2007, it became China's largest shipping IDH company.

In 2008, Wentai production base was built and put into operation in Jiaxing, transforming from IDH to ODM

In 2009, it went overseas.

In 2010, it launched extensive cooperation with Global LOCALKING.

In 2011, it worked closely with the top three Indian brands.

In 2012, it cooperated with Xiaomi to develop red rice series.

In 2013, we cooperated with Lenovo to develop a number of models for the global market.

In 2014, we deepened our cooperation with Huawei, launched a number of best-selling model series in the global market, and began to cooperate with Meizu to develop the Blue MAC NOTE series.

In 2015, developed and branded for China Mobile.

In April 2015, Zhongyin Issued an asset acquisition plan to acquire 51% of Wen Tai's shares.

In November 2015, Zhongyin Announced that it planned to acquire the remaining 49% stake of Wen Tai by means of asset exchange and cash.

In 2016, it became the ODM company with the largest shipments in China.

In December 2017, the company issued an announcement to divest real estate assets and realize a complete transformation.


(1) Main business and products

Scope of business

Development of electronic software products; Real estate development and operation; Property management; Hotel investment and hotel management; Investment in real estate, textile, chemical, electronic and communication equipment industries; Sales of textile raw materials (excluding cotton, silkworm cocoon), clothing, metal materials, chemical raw materials (excluding hazardous chemicals), construction materials; Production and sales of mobile phones and accessories, mobile communication switching equipment, digital cluster system equipment, semiconductors, electronic components and materials. (Involving licensed business projects, the relevant departments should be approved before the operation).

The main products

Mobile communication products such as mobile communication machine and mobile communication equipment, mainly including smart phones; Commodity house.

Major services provided

Research and development of technology related to mobile Internet equipment products; House rental, hotel rooms and catering services.

(2) Income structure

According to the 2018 annual report, the company's revenue was 17,257,730,547.65 yuan, including 16,618,618,419.26 yuan in the communications manufacturing industry, accounting for 96.30%. The service industry realized revenue of RMB 104,879,528.31, accounting for 0.61%; The real estate industry realized revenue of 534,232,600.08 yuan, accounting for 3.10%.

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